"Daily Wilderness(日々荒野)" performance tour #7 Uruoi Dance at Sumida ward office (photo report)

Uruoi* Dance at Sumida ward office on October 7th, 2017. Time which I was waching river went by slowly. Taking a look at the other side of the river, there were many people sitting and watching it like me. It reminded me that there were lots of people look like monk sitting for a long time without moving by the sunset along the Ganges river in Indea. Not thinking about anything particular, but just being here. It is like a sence of instinct, the time I access to nature makes me feel good. Beauty, delight and energy, these are the elements compose the body wich has a rich sensibility. The talk time with Ryuichiro Mori was interesting too. It was the day the time want by slowly. (Photo by Tsuyoshi Kawahara)

*uruoi; moisture