"Daily Wilderness(日々荒野)" performance tour #11 Kitasenju performance (photo report)

The performance tour of Sokerissa!, which has been hold on a various street of Tokyo, #11 Kitasenju performance was performed with Fuyuki Yamakawa. It was a encounter of our and his means of communication, which has a strong power like a primitive impact. My body, which had became much yonger through the practice with him, was jumping higher, rolling faster and feeling electrifying more than usual. When Yamakawa-san faceed to the dancer during the play, he called their name several times. It was not a superficial voice but the one that could reach more deeper to the each life. He is the one whose eyes are always on the things people produce, sound, conversation and life. 

It took a long time to prepare for this performance. I appreciate the ability of the tour staff that accomplished this performance from the preparation to the end in just one day. Encountering with people and the enviroment surrounding us makes Sokerissa grow. Photo by: Tsuyoshi Kawahara

February 7 2018