Yuki Aoki

Yuki Aoki, Dancer / choreographer

Birth of August 4, 1968 I have been learning jazz dance in Tokyo since 1987 -1993 Theater company Sunflower ,Broadway Dance Center After a theme park ,Sanrio Puroland dancer 1991-1994 and talent back dancer work 1995-2000 Collaboration with Big Issue Foundation 2005 - Present

We started the dance group "Newcomer H Sokerissa!" Dances are choreographed by words and from memories that can only be created by the individual. We have attracted alot of attention as an arts group and have earned a reputation as a social reintegration program for socially vulnerable people.

In recent years, participated in Rio Olympic program, Celebration "With one voice". Konica Minolta Social Design Award 2016, Grand Prize Winner. I propose "anyone can dance" and aim for the revival of purely dynamic human beings (power to live).

(Photo:Adam Isfendiyar)

Yuuki Aoki