We finished our passionate day, Dace archive project. That was great. The appearances of members who couldn't move and just stare at Sunayama-san moving with the rhythm of drum played by Shirai-san.

Kawaguchi-san, who wore the mask from begining to end, was very good at performing with...


Happy new year, Everyone.

This is a photo report of "New Year's Dance and the Side Story" performance on January 6th 2018. 

One of our member said " When I am alone, there is no reason for laughing at. It looks hentai if I do so. But when I'm with someone, I feel good because there...


Finished 'I shall dance II'. It was very condensed time with the support of many people. And I sincerely appreciate lots of money was donated with heartful encouragement. 


AIR21: Kanazawa Fringe 2016 We will dance on the streed in the city of Kanazawa. This summer, we will research what will happen in the smaller citty than Tokyo by our performance.